About Us


Fire & Explosion Investigations, Inc (F&EI) was founded by Robert Long in 1994 and he retired in July 2013.

Daniel Roy started working for Fire & Explosion Investigations in July 2006 and became President/Senior Investigator in July 2013.  Mr. Roy has over twenty-six years of fire investigation experience, which includes six years as a municipal fire inspector/investigator with the Lewiston Fire Department and six years as a Senior Fire Investigator with the Maine State Fire Marshal’s Office.  In addition to operating F&EI, Mr. Roy is currently the Fire Chief of the Monmouth Fire Department in Monmouth, Maine.


Gary Simard was employed by Fire & Explosion Investigations in March 2009.  Mr. Simard began his fire service career in 1979 as a full-time firefighter with the Auburn Fire Department and spent the last twelve years of his 29-year career as the Fire Prevention Officer in charge of inspections, investigations and plan reviews. As of August 2021, Mr. Simard is no longer actively employed by F&EI however, he is still available to consult on former cases he was involved in.  


Todd Zsiga joined F&EI part-time in October 2017.  Mr. Zsiga is currently employed as a Firefighter Lieutenant / Paramedic with the Portland Fire Department and oversees their Fire Investigations Unit.  In addition to his more than twenty years of fire service experience, Mr. Zsiga served as a reserve police officer for five years with the Scarborough Police Department.


Robert Pinder joined Fire & Explosion Investigations in January 2020. Mr. Pinder has over 28 years of professional fire service and 10 years of fire investigation experience. During his fire service tenure, Mr. Pinder held the rank of Lieutenant in charge of suppression and marine divisions and was assigned to Portland Fire Department’s Fire Investigation Unit.

Douglas Armey joined F&EI part-time in October 2020. Mr. Armey was formally employed as a Fire Investigator Lieutenant and retired from the Worcester Fire Department. He has over 23 years of fire service experience, 7 years as a full-time fire investigator and a combination of law enforcement experience in the Department of Corrections for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and as a Staff Sergeant for the Military Police in the US ARMY.

All investigators are Certified Fire Investigators through the International Association of Arson Investigators, are Certified Fire & Explosion Investigators through the National Association of Fire Investigators and Mr. Roy is a Certified Fire Inspector through the National Fire Protection Association. Mr. Pinder is a Certified Fireplace and Chimney Inspector through the Fire Investigation Research & Education (F.I.R.E.) and is licensed in Natural Gas and Propane Delivery, Installation and Appliance Service in Maine and for Gas Service in New Hampshire.

Fire & Explosion Investigations is based out of Monmouth, Maine and field investigators are located in Central and Southern Maine and Central Massachusetts with quick access to most areas of New England.  Coverage areas include the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts where investigators are licensed and bonded as private investigators. F&EI can also handle losses in Rhode Island and and Connecticut too.

F&EI's home office is located in Monmouth, Maine, which includes a 3,000 sq. ft. storage facility. F&EI also has a small storage locker in Worcester, Massachusetts. Both locations can maintain the storage of evidence removed from a scene.  The storage facilities have 24-hour surveillance and are climate controlled. The company also has working relationships with other engineering firms that can host evidence inspections should a more detailed inspection need to take place in a laboratory setting.


Fire & Explosion Investigations believes in a quick response, personalized service, and open lines of communication.  The company strives to provide up to the minute details and progress reports, which enables clients to make timely informed decisions for the disposition of property and liability claims or the pursuit of subrogation.